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Programmatic Native Ads Are Growing, But Banner Habit Is Hard To Break

In the programmatic media world, native advertising is becoming a bigger part of the volume being traded on various ad exchanges, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. But publishers are still rather slow to adopt the native format and still lean on banner advertising. "The push for more native ad units took off about five years ago, when many digital media executives began to rethink the way advertising is presented on the internet," the report says. Facebook and Twitter began ditching banners to use custom units "designed to be integrated into and match their own platforms’ form and function. Thus many traditional media companies began to seek their own version of native ads," the paper reported. Now, programmatic native ads are being viewed increasingly "more as a potential banner replacement that can be widely deployed. For a typical programmatic native ad placement, an advertiser might offer up the main editorial elements like a headline, images or video. Then those pieces are automatically customized and arranged to mimic the look and feel of webpages or a mobile app and are incorporated alongside editorial content," the Journal reported.



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