Omnicom Health Group Relaunches Its Health-Focused Agency As Patients & Purpose

Omnicom Health Group has relaunched CDMiConnect, its patient-focused marketing agency, as Patients & Purpose, with some new services designed to help clients increase engagement with patients.

Of the relaunch, Omnicom Health Group CEO Ed Wise said: "Patients are the ultimate and in many ways the most important customers of healthcare. With CDMiConnect, we've developed a world-class competency in reaching and communicating with patients. But in evolving to Patients & Purpose, we're taking this to another level."

CDMiConnect, which has been around for 15 years focuses on data-driven multichannel campaigns along with patient-centric web destinations, social experiences and companion apps. The agency has, over the years, scooped up metal from the Effies, Clio Healthcare, Echo Awards, Lions Health, MM&M and Med Ad News.

According to Deb Deaver, chief executive officer of the newly branded entity, Patients & Purpose is a continuing evolution for CDMiConnect.

"We find incredible purpose in what we do," said Deaver. "Our clients design and conduct innovative scientific research to create important therapies. But we help patients learn about, understand and take full advantage of this for their health. That's what inspires and motivates us—and why clients come to and stay with us."

With the relaunch, Patients & Purpose is formalizing three new offerings to help clients better engage with patients. "One area that's a priority is health literacy," said Deaver. "We can't help people if they don't understand us." With a newly appointed Director of Health Literacy, Patients & Purpose is implementing health literacy protocols to improve accessibility and user-experience.

Patients & Purpose is also offering Co-Creation Labs as an incubator for new client solutions. Co-Creation Labs brings together designers, writers and technologists with patients, caregivers and clients. Of the Lab, Deaver said, "It's changing the ideation process altogether. We recently co-created a digital experience to help pediatric rare disease patients, and parents were a real engine behind the idea. When
it's released next year, it will be transformational."

And finally, the company is also establishing a Patient Advisory Board, with participants representing different conditions and diseases. "We want to bring patients' and caregivers' voices to the table in many more ways," said Deaver. "They offer incredible insight into what's useful and valuable. We've had an informal patient network for years, but now we're establishing a formal Board to inform and guide us."




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