Acxiom, DataXu Partner To Bridge Gap Between TV And Digital

Acxiom, a provider of so-called “people-based” marketing, said it has expanded its partnership with programmatic marketing software firm DataXu,  enablng DataXu to license its third-party data for advanced TV and analytics solutions.

The partnership aims to enable advertisers and agencies to engage their own first-party audiences across all addressable channels, including TV, and drive more effective data-driven marketing across all screens.

Advertisers can now bridge the gap between desktop, mobile and TV, control reach and frequency across these channels and achieve greater message consistency and relevance to consumers.

Additionally, the expanded Acxiom-DataXu partnership gives advertisers and agencies the ability to gain deeper customer insights into the previously disconnected digital and TV worlds.

"With customers in control of their own cross-device buying journey, it's important for marketers to also be able to break down internal silos between digital and TV channels," stated Tore Tellefsen, vice president of TV Solutions at DataXu.



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