NEW! Takes Stress Out Of Vacation Planning

Vacations are important, but you shouldn't get a twitchy eye or break out in hives trying to book something relaxing. Save the stress for your daily life. launched "Nothing Is More Important," a U.S. campaign consisting of two 30-second spots featuring people with stress-filled jobs in need of stress-free R&R vacations.

The first person in need of a break is a kindergarten teacher. She's stretched thin and loves the idea of a free cancellation option, should she choose to go from a kid-friendly hotel to something kid-free.

Isn't it an unspoken rule to try and hit the guy driving the enclosed golf cart and picking up golf balls at the driving range? Well, the driver is overworked and tired of being aimed at constantly. He likes the book now, pay later feature offered by the app, in case something more appealing comes along.

Deutsch created the ads, directed by Jared Hess.



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