Springbot Releases Ecommerce Scorecard To Help SMB Marketers

Springbot aims to help small business owners with a new benchmark report tool that illustrates how online stores could improve their digital marketing efforts. 

Springbot is a cloud-based marketing automation and analytics platform for Magento and Shopify retailers, which provides a suite of marketing tools for small to medium-sized business owners. The Atlanta-based company recently released an ecommerce Scorecard that allows online merchants to compare their marketing results to the competitive landscape and identify any under-utilized marketing strategies across email, online and social.

The goal of the tool is to give marketers a “look behind the curtain to see how they’re doing in relation to their peers,” says Jarrett Board, product manager at Springbot.

Marketing “can be bewildering” for SMBs because there is a “dizzying array of options out there,” says Erika Jolly Brookes, chief marketing officer at Springbot.



SMBs wear many hats, and most don’t have the resources to hire a consultancy to conduct a competitive review.

“If you’re a mom and pop shop or someone just starting out, comparing yourself to someone who has been established really doesn’t buy you anything,” says Brookes. “It’s not fair to compare an SMB against Nordstrom.”

Brookes says it is more impactful for online retailers to compare themselves to stores that are in similar positions. Since Springbot’s eCommerce report card requires Google and Facebook authentication, the company can compare brands that have similar sizes of storefront visitors.

The data is derived from Springbot’s database of more than 40 million consumer purchases, aggregated and anonymized to give marketers an idea of how similar companies are faring.

The platform doesn’t offer predictive content recommendations, but instead provides marketing strategy suggestions.

For example, Springbot may recommend that SMBs leverage social media more if their company posts once daily while their competitor posts 7-8 times a day. The complimentary tool could also suggest automated and triggered email marketing campaigns that optimize engagement.

Additional recommendation examples could be to include more visually stimulating images in campaigns, explain why a video might increase engagement, or how send-time optimization helps email messages land in the inbox at a time when a subscriber is most likely to open them. 

"I evaluated my store using the eCommerce Scorecard and saw that my emails were underperforming compared to my peer group,” says Asia Kivman, ecommerce director at BED|STÜ. 

Springbot’s eCommerce Scorecard is now generally available for all online stores using Google Analytics and Facebook, and is not restricted to Springbot customers.

Users also have the option to sign up to receive the report every month to gauge the success of their marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis to see what’s working and what’s not.  

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