Ad-Tech Firms Partner To Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

Signal, a provider of customer identity tools on Thursday announced a partnership with Tapad, a provider of cross-screen marketing technology, to integrate device connectivity for Signal’s clients in North America, APAC, and EMEA by using Tapad’s Device Graph.

The partnership also allows Signal’s clients to integrate in real time with Tapad’s media platform, Unify. The technology enables advertisers to make real-time activation and buying decisions at scale, and offers automated reporting and measurement.

Signal said that brands using its Customer Identity Solution can benefit from knowing more about their customers, incur lower costs to reach them, and decreased data loss which can result from using multiple vendors. Integrating with Tapad’s Device Graph, which connects billions of devices, enables Signal clients to build a more complete view of its known customers across multiple devices.  

The companies said the integration combines the scale of Signal’s customer identity technology with Tapad’s device scale to expand the reach of addressable media channels. The companies said they were able to increase incremental device connections for more than 65% of customer profiles and link an average of 6.8 browsers and devices per customer.



“We are eager to see how this partnership helps move the industry forward by enabling brands to even more fully understand their customers across all devices,” Pierre Martensson, SVP and GM of Tapad’s global data division, told Real-Time Daily via email.

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