NEW! Hulk Hogan Serves As A Distraction In Centraal Beheer Ad

Coinciding with its 30th anniversary, Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer launched its latest "Just Call Us" ad, starring Hulk Hogan.

The 90-second ad follows an international family vising Florida. While stopping for a photo, mom's purse is stolen. She takes chase and finds the crook stopped by none other than Hulk Hogan.

Things get strange when Hogan attempts to teach the thief a lesson with some wrestling moves from his past. Since we know that wrestling can be staged, we see Hogan place the thief in a piledriver, but he doesn't follow through. Hogan also fake-punches the man and jumps from the pier, only to land without hurting the man. Hogan gets the crowd roaring, with all eyes on him, which makes it easy for the purse snatcher to grab the bag and rush off while Hogan greets fans and takes pictures.

When mom tries to stop the thief, Hogan pulls her closer for another photo op. "Just Call Us," closes the video, created by DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam and directed by Sven Super.



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