Connatix Launches Platform Focused On Brand Safety

Connatix, a native advertising platform for premium publishers, launched the platform Connatix Programmatic Syndication on Thursday. With a focus on video, the new platform aims to ensure that customer advertisements run in a safe and appropriate environment.

The first launch partners include Meredith, Time Inc and Condé Nast.

“With all the controversy around Google and YouTube displaying ads on unsavory content, the biggest benefit for the buyers is that they know exactly what video content their ads are running against,” David Kashak, founder and CEO of Connatix told Real-Time Daily via email. “And the publishers who produce high quality video content are able to reach their audience segments in a whitelisted, brand-safe environment.”

The Connatix Programmatic Syndication platform includes a video player, video CMS and a premium network of publishers. Using the “Connatix yield optimization algorithm,” explained Kashak, “publishers get the most out of their programmatic demand, prioritizing demand partners with higher fill rate and better eCPMs.”



Along with programmatic came the specter of unexpected ad placements as the automatic fills began to relegate brand safety below price and audience. This has caused such problems as pre-roll ads on ISIS-related YouTube videos. So advertisers have increasingly sought brand safety at the same time as price optimization.

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