Verizon Takes Oath To Market, Creates Umbrella For AOL, Yahoo

AOL released more information Tuesday about the Twitter tweet that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong released Monday, which revealed a new holding company that Verizon named Oath.

Armstrong told CNBC that AOL, Yahoo and other Verizon brands will fall under the umbrella of Oath -- a collection of more than 25 media and technology brands that will operate similar to a holding company and become a B2B brand that supports consumer-facing brands such as AOL, Yahoo, TechCrunch, Gadget, and Huffington Post.

The company wanted the portfolio of digital brands to have a name that would represent a commitment. "Oath will start out as a value-based brand connecting our values," Armstrong said. "Over time if there are brands we can create around Oath we'll think about that, but the most important brands we'll have are Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, and Huffington Post."

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said Verizon will keep the names AOL and Yahoo, but the brands will fall under the umbrella of Oath. He said about 1.3 billion consumers use the collection of brands monthly.

Other brands within Oath, a Verizon company, will include Flickr, Convertro, Autoblog, and Engaget.



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