Baidu Integrates Video Ads On Android, Native On iOS For Mobile Apps

China's Internet search giant Baidu said its mobile advertising network, DU Ad Platform, which serves in-app ads, now supports video and trigger advertisements on Android, and native advertisements on iOS.

Trigger ads are popup-style ads with the look and feel of a native advertisement. Advertisers can customize them to closely match any app style. Baidu said they’re easy for developers to implement, and have a high eCPM.

Josh Fenn, senior marketing manager at Baidu, told SearchBlog that advertisers who use DU Ad Platform stand to benefit from tons of data, analytics and AI technology. The platform integrates behavioral data of more than 2 billion app users worldwide.

From that data, Baidu creates 3,000 classification tags that produce highly targeted advertising results. "At the same time, we use a precise user profile model that allows advertisers to accurately obtain high quality users," he wrote in an email.

The idea is to improve on the "commercial opportunities" and help developers monetize campaigns through access to high-quality traffic.

The DU Ad Platform relies on artificial intelligence built into a technology platform Baidu calls Peak Selection Algorithm. The two were built in late 2015. The Peak Selection Algorithm automatically selects revenue streams that have the highest returns. It aims to maximize ad revenue with minimal need for developers to take a hands-on approach to management. Bids are based on preset rules for product, country, users, time and many other factors in order to provide the best inventories.

The platform's inventory covers more than 2 billion users across 200 countries and regions worldwide, and it has a customer base of more than 1,700 mobile developers.

Baidu made the announcement at its 2017 AI-Enabled Ad Platform conference in Beijing earlier this week. 

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