Integral Ad Science Expands Brand Safety Offering Globally

Ad-tech firm Integral Ad Science  (IAS) on Tuesday said it has expanded its brand safety solution to include eight content categories across 40 languages ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese. With the expanded offering, IAS is catering to global brands that run campaigns across multiple countries and languages.

IAS, along with other ad-tech providers, has scrambled to double down on brand safety offerings in the last couple of months after ads on Google’s YouTube were found adjacent to offensive video content.

"In the age of globalization and the 24/7 news cycle, brand safety has become a global challenge. Marketers can no longer set it and forget it; they need solutions that are dynamic in nature and can handle the complexities of large-scale, global advertising campaigns," Maria Pousa, IAS CMO, told Real-Time Daily via email. In the second half of 2016, depending on where advertising was served, up to 8.6% of ads appeared next to content flagged as inappropriate, according to IAS' Media Quality Report released in March.



"IAS's brand safety solution is a key component to our brand management strategy," stated Gary Milner, director, global digital marketing, at Lenovo. "We are a global organization operating across all continents, so managing our brand reputation with a solution that enables us to reach 99% of consumers on the Web is critical to our success."

IAS said its brand safety solutions check for adult content, alcohol, fake news, gambling, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language, and violence, across four low, moderate, high, and very high-risk thresholds. The  categories and risk thresholds allow for flexibility depending on a brand’s requirements. The company's technology allows  brands to block ads from appearing on pages with inappropriate content, while predictive targeting segments enable marketers to target away from risks in programmatic buying. 

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