Brazilian Museum, IBM's Watson, Create 'The Voice Of Art'

Art speaks to most people, but not all of us. Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo Museum, Ogilvy Brazi and IBM created the "The Voice of Art," so now art talks to everybody.

Using IBM's Watson, the app answers questions museum visitors voice about specific paintings and sculptures from Pinacoteca's collection. To be able to answer the questions, IBM programmers worked with curators and scholars from the museum to feed Watson information about art pieces, a six-month process. Information came from books, old newspapers, biographies, interviews and online. Watson was also taught to make a correlation between the art pieces and contemporary events.

Arriving at the museum, visitors receive a smartphone and headphone with the "The Voice of Art" app installed. They receive notifications as they approach the art pieces and will be prompted to ask questions into the headphone's mike about any paintings and sculptures nearby. The app allows aficionados and art newbies  to interact equally with art.



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