NEW! Brazilian Newspaper Creates 'The Corruption Converter'

The cost of corruption in Brazil is actually calculated in a digital campaign for Estadão newspaper.

Created by FCB Brasil, "The Corruption Converter" tool allows users to calculate benefits and services that could have been provided had funds not been diverted due to corruption.

For example, the tool shows users in Reals (R$) that R$316 million of corrupt funds could have purchased 2,257,142 doses of the H1N1 vaccine, 15,800 ambulances or 0.316 km (0.196 mi) of subway tracks.

The service began in beta in September 2016, and went live in February of 2017, automatically converting amounts mentioned in news pieces about corruption into usable items and services like ambulances, vaccines, school lunches, medication and sports courts. Check out this video of how the converter works.



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