Conversant Offers Ad Quality Guarantee If Campaigns Don't Meet Standards

Aiming to address the problem of poor ad quality, Conversant on Monday said it will guarantee that client campaigns will meet or beat industry standards for ad quality for brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud as measured by Integral Ad Science (IAS).

If campaigns don’t meet those standards, Conversant  will offer clients four times the missed impressions on their next campaign for each of the three measures.

Conversant is offering its Ad Quality Guarantee to clients of its Audiences, List Activation, and Cross-Device Remarketing products.

"With the amount of money that's poured into digital advertising, media buyers need to feel protected to continue investing with confidence," Ric Elert, President, Conversant, told Real-Time Daily via email. He said the company wants to assure digital media buyers "that they won’t be left high and dry if they don’t end up receiving what they're paying for.”

Conversant also said it has a team dedicated to ad quality that manually visits publishers’ Web sites to review inventory, maintain block lists, and monitor traffic.



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