NEW! 3D Minions Ride Atop NY Taxis

Universal Pictures is promoting "Despicable Me 3" (out June 30) with 3D toppers on New York City taxis, said to be a first. 

Developed with Kinetic U.S., the movie promotion introduces 3D-Minion characters on top of 600 taxis, a connection that matches the character's color with yellow, the color of NYC cabs. There are also an additional 600 standard Minion-themed taxi tops driving throughout the city through August 2.  

This massive presence is unique for taxi advertising, says Kinetic. Clients typically purchase around 300 to 900 Taxi Tops per campaign, reaching about 25% to 75% of the market.  Kinetic, however, wanted to be sure that for this first of its kind activation in NYC, the Minions 3D Taxi Tops are seen everywhere. With 1,200 total (600 3D and 600 standard), they believe they’ll saturate the market.  

Although this 3D taxi promotion is exclusive to the Big Apple, the movie is introducing additional out-of-home elements featuring the Minion characters and Gru in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago and San Francisco. 




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