Former 'Most Interesting' Man Just Got A Lot More Interesting

Well, he did tell you, many many times during his decade-long stint as pitchman for Dos Equis, that he doesn’t always drink beer. Turns out, he prefers tequila!

I refer, of course, to the former “most interesting man”--aka Jonathan Goldsmith--who was replaced in the Dos Equis ads with Most Interesting Man The Second (aka Augustin Legrand) last year.

Turns out the original MIM—and seriously, aren’t the originals almost always better?—still has a lot to say, and not just for Astral Tequila, the Davos brand for which he’s just signed on as pitchman.

This dude has a technical side—he’s been hawking for Luma WiFi since late last year. And he’s about to star in a new summer ad campaign for the WiFi brand, set to launch tomorrow (June 15).

Tipsters say Goldsmith keeps his composure in the new campaign, while cracking jokes, including one that’s politically relevant and deals with Russia. Oh boy, can’t wait!

It seems like his exit from his Dos Equis was timed pretty well. Dos Equis confirmed last week that it is moving its ad assignment from Havas to Droga5. The firm wasn’t commenting on the fate of the MIM approach going forward, but come on. It’s been more than a decade already. I wouldn’t bet the ranch on him sticking around much longer.

I have to say at 78, Goldsmith still has it going on big time. Hope I’m that sought after at that age.  

Not betting the ranch on that, either!



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