Neuranet Launches Flexitive 2.0 Software, Based On New IAB Standards

Neuranet, a technology firm that develops responsive ad design software, on Wednesday released a new version of its Flexitive software, Flexitive 2.0,which supports the building of animated HTML5-based ad designs that can adapt to various screen sizes, devices, operating systems, apps or browsers.

“While the ad-tech space has focused a lot on data and targeting capabilities, Flexitive helps marketers, agencies and publishers" with their creative production capabilities, opening new avenues for the creative side of digital marketing, Paul Vincent, Neuranet CEO, told Digital News Daily via email.

Neuranet, which helped develop the new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio specs recently released this month, made sure Flexitive 2.0 adhered to those guidelines, moving away from fixed pixel dimensions to ratio-based sizes.

“There are two components to the new standards -- Flexible Ad Sizes, and Improved Usability guidelines -- that focus on reducing the number of bad ad experiences that are currently across the web,” added Vincent.

“The Flexible Ad Standards are the biggest change to online advertising standards since the first major industry standards were introduced in the late '90s. They tackle solving a number of issues that have challenged the industry in recent years such as viewability issues, device proliferation and touch screens... and the demise of Flash -- a technology that wasn't supported on mobile operating systems and did not support touch interactivity."

Vincent said “the new flexible formats generate much higher CPMs than the older fixed sizes of the past decade, and there will be a short window for media companies to sell direct while the new flexible sizes make their way into the programmatic landscape."

Licenses range from $20 to $90, depending on the needs of designers.

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