NYC's Geo-Targeted, Personalized Hurricane Prep Campaign

NYC Emergency Management is taking a new approach to the city's “Know Your Zone” hurricane evacuation preparedness campaign by featuring personalized portraits of real people for the first time.

Developed with C&G Partners, the creative features preparedness tips from eight volunteers from Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) who live in a number of the city’s different hurricane evacuation zones. For example, the portrait of Carol, CERT volunteer and Manhattan (Zone 2) resident, and her dog Mickey is accompanied with copy reading: "I know my pet is welcome in a hurricane evacuation center.”

The campaign’s black and white images are designed to serve in contrast to the bright map and color system that define the city's six hurricane evacuation zones, as well as the campaign symbol of concentric circles corresponding to the six zone colors.

In addition to posters, newspaper ads and website, this year the campaign includes digital signage on LinkNYC, the communications network that replaced many of the city’s pay phones. Relevant preparedness content is geo-targeted via this digital signage, with different messages related to the specific zone where each kiosk is located. Since its initial launch in late July, the campaign has appeared on about 1,700 LinkNYC kiosks in all five boroughs of New York and garnered approximately one million impressions. The campaign continues through November 30 when hurricane season officially comes to a close.




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