Adsquare Forms Data Alliance

Aiming to offer advertisers high-quality data from first- and third-party sources, mobile data exchange adsquare on Tuesday launched the adsquare Data Alliance. The Berlin-based firm said it created the Alliance to offer advertisers accurate data at scale in a secure environment.

Adsquare said it is aggregating deterministic data from app publishers and validated third-party data from its data partners. The audience segments are available via adsquare’s self-service Audience Management Platform as well as directly through demand-side platforms and data management platforms. The formation of the Data Alliance is a response to the challenges advertisers face in trying to determine the quality of a data source. Tom Laband, CEO and co-founder of adsquare, stated: “With an abundance of data in the industry being scattered through data silos, it's becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to employ 1-to-1, people-based advertising at scale.”

The adsquare Data Alliance will validate data against industry standards and aggregate it into a standardized taxonomy consisting of branded and unbranded data. Adsquare said the Alliance will offer a large set of segments ranging from demographic and interest data to brand affinities, and that advertisers can tap the expertise of its team of data scientists and audience experts to tailor custom audience segments for specific needs.

The Data Alliance currently curates data from more than 70 data companies, adsquare says. However, it declined to name any of the companies providing the data to form the segments.

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  1. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360, August 29, 2017 at 10:48 a.m.

    Data normalization via the alliance's taxonomy could be the essential element to this launch. Depending how far along this effort is, the process of sefining attributes could be arduous. Further, who decides what the taxonomy will be? Then the disparate data sources have to be transformed to fit. How many stakeholders, rfepresenting what industry interests, have a say in this?

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