Millennials Don't Trust Robots To Make Decision For Them

Most millennials see technology as a job creator and don’t trust decisions made by robots on their behalf.

These are among the intriguing findings of a large worldwide study.

The annual global shapers survey comprised a survey of 25,000 people aged 18 to 35 from 186 countries, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

A large percentage (79%) of millennials think technology is creating jobs as opposed to those (21%) who say it is destroying them. Here are the areas millennials think will be significantly impacted by technological advancements in the next decade:

  • 63% -- Jobs, career
  • 45% -- Studying, learning
  • 38% -- Traveling and mobility
  • 32% -- Shopping, lifestyle

There are some limitations on how millennials will adopt new technologies. For example, almost half (44%) reject the idea of embedding chips under the skin to increase their capabilities and 50% would not support rights for humanoid robots.

Millennials also have viewpoints on the next big technological trends. Their view:

  • 28% -- Artificial intelligence
  • 12% -- Biotechnology
  • 9% -- Internet of Things
  • 9% -- Robotics
  • 7% -- Driverless cars

Trust issues also come into play around information shared on the Internet. The younger generation said that content is trustworthy if on a certified website. Here’s what millennials view as making content trustworthy on the Internet:

  • 62% -- Certified websites
  • 54% -- Reputation of publisher
  • 48% -- Shared by experts
  • 48% -- Reputation of the content owner

Millennials tend to want to remain in the driver’s seat. The majority (51%) would not trust decision made by robots on their behalf.





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