Dynamic Ads, Scrolling Animations, Video Analytics Among Google AMP Updates

Google recently announced several updates to its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), including scrolling animation, fluid ad support and support for video analytics, along with other features to improve on ad targeting. A product roadmap for AMP also accompanies the changes.

A couple of the themes during the third quarter of 2017 included the improvements in paywall and subscription support in AMP, and making sign-in and payment for content a better experience.

The fourth-quarter plans include page trafficking support for DoubleClick for Publishers, and enable deeper integration of ads with AMP-format landing pages.

One of the more important changes involves "fluid ad support" for publishers, which means publishers can requests ads when the ad size is unknown.

Google also added support for video analytics with the launch of several new video triggers and variables that marketers can use within AMP-analytics to collect engagement data with a video running on AMP-video.

Links to documentation in the post provide details on how triggers are fired when the video begins after a user clicks "play" or from autoplay.  

While Google notes that the support is limited, video player vendors can integrate support with their video player implementations in AMP using the video interface, explains Lisa Wang, product manager for the AMP project at Google, in a post

With regard to other updates, scroll-bound animation enables parallax effects, subtle zoom or fade in of images, and starting or stopping animations as they pass through the viewport.

A responsive sidebar improvements enabled the ability to change display formats based on the width of the point of view. Now there is native video analytics support, and improved client ID information to consistently recognize IDs as users migrate between AMP and non-AMP pages.

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