Orabrush Finds The Funny In Bad Breath

Prestige Brands' Orabrush and its agency True North are introducing a web video campaign to humorously educate viewers that 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue.

"[The] idea was, what is the visual impact of bad breath?” says Albert Hwang, vice president of over-the-counter brands, digital, and shopper marketing, Prestige Brands.

The "Breathtaking" creative doesn’t show gunk, slime, or tongues at all. Instead, the ad campaign centers around bad breath’s effect from the point of view of the perpetrator. "We see attractive lovers, who have their romantic moments spoiled by the viewer’s dirty tongue," says Tom Goosmann, chief creative officer, True North. "The campaign never has to represent the smelly suitor, it just puts the viewer in their shoes."

The media buy runs across Facebook and YouTube to reach the campaign's "sweet spot" of socially conscious 18-35-year-olds who are frequent users of social media. Previous campaigns have targeted the same consumers. Looking forward, the campaign is likely to expand into dating websites, like Match.com and Tinder to connect with this similar demographic.



This was the first campaign True North has developed for Prestige.  Due to the positive reception of the Orabrush campaign, the agency has since begun developing creative for additional brands within the Prestige family, says Goosmann.

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