'Shark Tank' Company Drain Strain Scares Up New Campaign

Drain Strain is partnering with Bluetone Marketing & PR and Disrupt by Design Productions to raise awareness for the shower cleaner brand as two new products become available to customers via IndieGoGo.

Timed for "Fri-Drain the 13th," the "Curse of The Ring" spot plays off Halloween and horror movies by featuring a young girl being interrogated by a zombie girl asking her why her drain 'isn't clogged.' The answer, naturally, is because she uses Drain Strain.

Here is the link.

"Plumbing isn't a sexy category. So we really wanted to find a clever way to engage with our audience,” says Naushad Ali, founder, inventor, Drain Strain. “We believe the approach of embedding the Drain Strain narrative within a horror film was a unique way to do this, alongside a ‘Don’t be afraid of clogged drains’ theme.”

The mini-movie appears on the IndieGoGo site, where people can purchase the products, including $15 for Drain Strain Bathtub version.

The company first attracted attention during ABC's "Shark Tank." Investor Robert Herjavec made a deal for 10% of the company in exchange for $110,000.



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