Bing Ads Rolls Out Multi-Linking Search Feature

Bing Ads now allows marketers to link multiple search campaign accounts. The feature, Multi-Linking -- made available in the first phase of what the company calls "multi-account capabilities" --is intended to save marketers time when managing multiple accounts.

The feature in Bing Ads will roll out during the next several weeks, Elizabeth Johnson, program manager Bing Ads, explains in a post.

When the feature rolls out, marketers will see an updated interface that reflects those who have account access. Up to five managing customers can link to an account simultaneously, and users can now unlink them from their account as well.

The new feature, part of a multi-stage rollout of services, also will allow marketers who link to an account access to easily assume billing responsibility on the account at any time, without needing to pause the account.



Multi-Linking can ease the ability to run reports on managed accounts, transition brand clients from one agency to another, and manage billing.

However, Bing cautions that Multi-Linking does not support unlinking an account from the customer that created it. If an agency created the account from their own customer account, that agency will remain linked to it. It will not unlink the agency if the relationship ends.

Bing says the second stage will support Multi-User Access, allowing marketers to use one username to access multiple Bing Ads customers.

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