EA, Lego, Nissan Top Brands Associated With Star Wars

EA, Lego and Nissan are the brands with the most engaging content related to the new Star Wars movie, according to Amobee.

The marketing technology company analyzed the digital content engagement around Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Finishers after the top three are: One Plus, Sphero, Samsung, Topps, Nvidia, Funko and Verizon.

EA, which has released an update to its Star Wars Battlefront II game, had the most digital content engagement. Between Nov. 10 and Dec. 10, 48% of all EA digital content engagement was Star Wars related. 

Lego has trended around the movie thanks to their tie-in sets. The toy maker generated 62% as much Star Wars-related digital content engagement as EA.

Nissan received 22% as much Star Wars: The Last Jedi-related digital content engagement as EA; OnePlus had 17% as much Star Wars-related digital content engagement as EA; and Sphero generated 12% as much Star Wars-related digital content engagement as EA. 



The automaker unveiled seven Star Wars related concept cars among other tie-ins. OnePlus will release a limited-edition version of the OnePlus 5T phone into the Indian market that’s Star Wars themed, and Sphero is debuting R2-D2 and BB-9E app-enabled robots. 

While a tie-in between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Nissan didn’t seem as predestined as it was when Rogue One and Nissan Rogue were being cross-promoted, it has worked well for the automaker.

Nissan was the top auto brand most associated with the expected blockbuster. According to the analysis, 37% of all digital content engagement around Nissan Maxima has been Star Wars related, 33% of all digital content engagement around Nissan Rogue has been Star Wars related; 8% of all digital content engagement around Nissan Altima has been Star Wars related; and 6% of all digital content engagement around Nissan Titan has been Star Wars related.

Nissan also powered Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay – A 360 Story, a virtual reality experience featuring BB-8 for iOS and Android devices.

Digital awareness around Nissan’s Automatic Emergency Braking technology increased by 60% since the company debuted its heavily Star Wars-related presence at the Los Angeles auto show this year, says Amobee Principal Brand Analyst Jonathan Cohen.

“[It] speaks to how the brand has created a tie-in campaign to the movie that reinforces their core messaging,” Cohen says in a release. “An AR-assisted experience, where Star Wars characters showcase Nissan’s safety features is just one example of how they’re able to use the Star Wars universe to communicate how their technology is relevant.”

The objective of the concept cars and VR experience isn’t just to raise awareness around Nissan; it’s to raise awareness around Nissan in specific contexts. For instance, with the “See the Unseen” VR experience, various Star Wars characters visually demonstrate Nissan's safety technologies like Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Warning. 

Speaking to the long-term lift from the Nissan Rogue and Rogue One cross-promotion, in the last year 8% of all Nissan Rogue digital content engagement was Star Wars related, with 7% of all Nissan Rogue digital content engagement mentioning Rogue One directly.

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