iSpot Renews Deal With Vizio

TV/media measurement company has renewed its deal with Vizio’s data business, Inscape, under a new seven-and-a-half-year agreement.

According to iSpot, Vizio/Inscape's footprint is 7.7 million TV devices -- the largest single source of opt-in TV viewing data available to license in the U.S.

Tracking TV advertising in real-time, uses screen-level behavioral data from Inscape for brands, networks and media agencies.

Smart TV data for goes into three of its core products: ad impression measurement, attention analytics and conversion analytics. The smart TV viewing data is generated directly against iSpot’s catalog of ads.

Smart TV data, the company says, is “transformed, interpreted and balanced against the U.S. Census.” uses proprietary technology embedded into TV sets that can detect show content and commercials. Using fingerprinting technologies, ads on the TV set can be tracked and identified.

For its media revenue projections — part of its existing research package — has used data from SQAD for spending estimates. SQAD provides with average advertising insertion costs across all networks.

The company says more than 200 major advertisers use its data.



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