TV Could Be Ideal Platform For Consumer Buying

A study says consumers would buy products in real-time through their TV sets, if this was available.

According to Connekt, an AI-advertising tech company, its survey says 76% of consumers would shop through their TVs in real-time if it were an option.

Nearly half (42%) of those surveyed said they will likely buy products through their TV, if available, in 2018. Among other results, 65% would be most likely to purchase products highlighted in TV ads, while 35% would be inclined to purchase products featured in TV shows.

Looking at specific products that consumers would buy directly via TV, 76% said they would buy household goods such as cleaning supplies and cosmetics, 67% said they would buy consumer electronics, 47% would buy clothing, and 44% would buy home and garden products.

Pushed by a connected TV market projected to reach 260 million devices by 2020, Connekt says prospects for real-time TV/commerce sales are growing.

A survey conducted online between December 1 and December 15, 2017 consisted of 320 TV viewers and shoppers, looking at digital engagement experiences across mobile, desktop and connected TVs.



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