Synchronoss Demonstrates Several New Products

Synchronoss Technologies Inc., a provider of cloud, messaging and digital services, is demonstrating several new products, including an email messaging platform, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas his week.

The new offerings include a Synchronoss Messaging Marketplace, a platform for managing multichannel messaging. Also being displayed is the Synchronoss Email platform, providing what the firm says is a secure, personalized experience for email, contacts, and calendars 

This solution features identity management, user experience customization and anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-malware technology, it adds.

Synchronoss is also showing its Personal Cloud solution, which it claims allows users to back up, restore, access, transfer and share data across devices and operating systems.

And, it is demonstrating its Synchronoss Digital Channels, which it says facilitates a cross-device user experience while providing automated back-end order processing.  

The products serve the Technology-Media-Telecommunications (TMT) market. 

"The entire ecosystem in the TMT market has shifted and grown substantially over the past several years as the positive impact of digital transformation intensifies,” says Glenn Lurie, CEO of Synchronoss. “The players in this market are serving consumers that demand easy-to-use, value-based digital and cloud based solutions.”


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