Bluecore Joins Oracle + Bronto Partner Program

Bluecore, the provider of an AI-based platform for retailers, has joined the Oracle + Bronto Partner Program to help retail clients launch better segmented and personalized email campaigns.

The goal is to create “a comprehensive email marketing strategy and workflow,” states Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore.

Bronto, a cloud-based marketing automation platform, can help Bluecore provide a single customer view, the company claims. In addition, the integration will allow Bluecore to increase retention and conversions and decrease email sends, the firm says.

For Bronto’s part, the integration helps the firm’s clients “uncover customer and product insights” that feed into its platform, states Carolyn Sparano, general manager, Oracle + Bronto General Manager.

Bluecore, an email personalization service for retailers, relies on an AI-driven platform.Oracle + Bronto is a marketing automation platform designed to grow revenue for retailers. 


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