Aptrinsic Adds Email Engagement For SaaS Marketers

Aptrinsic has added email engagement capabilities to its Product Experience Platform, the company announced on Tuesday.

The new tool, called email engagement, allows Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketers to send personalized emails to new customers and reactivate old accounts, the firm says.

SaaS product and install-base teams can use Aptrinsic data to create custom emails based on the user's role, account, industry and product data, Aptrinsic claims.

The objective is to help customers get started, and to “stay abreast of important events and keep them engaged with their products," states Mickey Alon, chief product officer and cofounder of Aptrinsic.

Designed for product managers and product growth managers, email engagement also allows companies to:

Devise tailored onboarding experiences for new sign-ups and newly added users.

Resurrect users who have not logged in for a period of time.

Promote event, training and webinar promotions based on customer segments such as geolocation, industry size, and vertical. 



Most email solutions “fall in leveraging product behavior for campaigns,” states Nigel Pegg, VP of product at GuideSpark.

“Being able to engage prospects and customers with more relevant emails based on their product behavior is paramount to driving increased adoption and retention," says Nick Bonfiglio, CEO and co-founder of Aptrinsic.

The Aptrinsic in-app platform helps firms deliver personalized product experiences based on user behavior.




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