ZeroBounce Takes On Facebook In Pro-Email Announcement

Email service firm ZeroBounce took a crack at Facebook today, inferring that the social site’s algorithm change and announced usage decline have strengthened the case for email marketing.

In an unusual pitch, ZeroBounce asserts that its own email deliverability solution helps companies reach “humans, not bots.”

The firm points to a study by Edison Research, saying that Facebook usage by Americans over age 12 has declined from 67% to 62% -- the first drop since 2008.

It continues that Facebook usage is own for every demographic, gender and age group.

In contrast, email marketing is expected to see significant growth this year. There were 3.7 billion email users worldwide by the end of 2017, and 91% check their inbox at least once a day.

But there is a challenge — that 30% of users change their email addresses once a year — again showing the need for a good deliverability service.

Facebook has not yet launched a counterattack as far as we can see.  



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