TAG Opens London Office

The industry's Trustworthy Accountability Group is expanding in Europe by opening a new office in London.

Trustworthy Accountability Group CEO Mike Zaneis says the organization hopes the expansion will enable the group to "provide support in-market" for European companies that want to join the organization. The group, which aims to combat malware, ad fraud and piracy online, awards companies with seals stating they're "certified" against fraud, piracy and malware.

Zanies adds that in the past, many companies -- even ones headquartered abroad -- only certified their North American operations. Now, however, most are certifying their global operations, he says.

More than 130 non-US companies based in 27 countries -- including Australia, Chile, Israel and the Russian Federation -- have applied for TAG Registration and the TAG ID -- which are required to participate in the certification programs.

TAG has tapped Nick Stringer to serve as vice president of Global Member Engagement and Operations. Stringer previously served as chair of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, which administers a self-regulatory privacy program for companies engaged in online behavioral advertising. Before that, he worked at the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, where he served as director of regulatory affairs.

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