Diageo Intros Amazon Alexa Happy Hour Skill

Amazon Alexa is being introduced to happy hour.

Diageo has created a new ‘Happy Hour’ skill for adult users of Alexa-enabled devices. The skill comprises three elements.

The ‘mix-it-up’ element allows the skill to discover what users are in the mood for and then suggests drink recipes based on the results. The ‘cheers’ element celebrates the innate behavior of looking for a reason to cheer when enjoying drinks with friends. The ‘find a bar’ feature recommends a bar nearby, through a connection with Yelp, sending all recommendations to the person’s Alexa phone app.

"Making drinks for friends should be fun and stress-free and the skill encourages responsible creation and enjoyment of cocktails in the home environment,” stated Devin Nagy, director, technology and emerging platforms at Diageo North America. “Amazon will be the home of Diageo's interactive voice technology, and this experiential skill is built in a manner that easily allows for ongoing updates.”

The skill also has a Snoop Dogg touch. Alexa can be asked for ‘Snoop Dogg’s drink of choice.’

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