Developers Can Build Custom Email Widgets With New Salesforce Tool

Salesforce is revving up its email marketing services, introducing new tools to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio that enable email marketers and developers to deliver more engaging content.

Salesforce announced the news at the company’s third annual developer conference, TrailheaDX, in San Francisco.

The Marketing Cloud Content Block Software Developer Kit (SDK) adds the ability for developers to build custom content blocks, or widgets, for inclusion in email marketing campaigns. The newly developed email widgets can then be easily added to email campaigns with drag-and-drop technology within Salesforce’s Email Studio. 

Customers of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can also incorporate Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence framework, into the email content blocks for added personalization.

“For example, a ski resort that's using Salesforce Marketing Cloud could include the real-time weather forecast in its area by using a content block in a promotional email campaign that's going out to a targeted group of consumers that have expressed interest in skiing ahead of a winter holiday weekend,” writes Joanna Milliken, SVP of product management at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in a blog post.

Furthermore, the Marketing Cloud Content Block SDK can be augmented with Salesforce’s technology partners on the Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce partners include Pixlee, a marketing platform for incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into email campaigns; LiveClicker, a real-time marketing platform that enables email marketers to include live content like video in their campaigns; and MovableInk, an email marketing platform specializing in dynamic content. 

Dynamic content, or email content that populates at the moment of open for added relevancy, is also a central component of Salesforce’s newly released Enhanced Dynamic Content. The new email marketing tool allows Salesforce marketers to create tailored email content for audience segments based on demographic information.

Both Content Builder SDK and Enhanced Dynamic Content will be generally available with the Saleforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio next month.

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