Thermo Fisher Scientific Forgoes Jargon For Passion In New Campaign

Thermo Fisher Scientific is launching a new campaign that purposefully downplays the dense technical aspects of what the company does by focusing on the potentially life-saving products the company produces and the people that develop and deliver those products.

The integrated digital and print campaign, developed with agency of record Madras, marks a departure from previous efforts for the contract development manufacturing organization which tended to focus on purely scientific capabilities.

The new campaign tells real stories of how Thermo Fisher’s employees make, solve and deliver for clients, emphasizing both the “heart and science” of what those workers do.

Taglines include, “Made With Process And Purpose,” “Solved With Chemistry & Conviction,” And “Delivered With Capacity & Compassion.” Also, “Made For Trials And Triumphs.”



“We found that the Patheon and Fisher Clinical Services brands leadership comes down to human ingenuity and commitment, so we put a face on the people who make vital cures available,” said Bill Davaris, chief creative officer at Madras.

Industry ads debuted on March 20 at a trade conference in New York City, while mainstream advertising broke March 30 in USA Today and other publications. 

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