Hardee's Separates From Carl's Jr. With First Solo Ad Campaign

After launching Carl's Jr.'s new campaign in February, CKE Restaurants is further separating the chain from its sibling Hardee's with the "Welcome Home to Hardee’s" campaign. It celebrates the chain's distinct customer, food culture, and voice Hardee’s has in America.

This is Hardee’s first solo advertising campaign.

Developed with AOR Havas Chicago, the creative features real people, real moments and real food to emphasize Hardee’s Comfort Culture, what it calls a “down-home-done-right” approach to food and everything that surrounds it.

"While still putting an emphasis on quality food, this strategy and style is an intentional departure from its sibling brand, Carl’s Jr., to help define each brand’s own identity," says Jeff Jenkins, CMO, CKE Restaurants.

Matthew McConaughey does the voiceover for Carl's Jr.; Hardee's features hick-hop music star Big Wet, an "authentic persona with a relaxed, fun vibe."

His voice is featured on Hardee’s new television commercial and anthem song, the first of many pieces that will partner his musical style with real people in Hardee’s markets.



The campaign appears on TV, radio and online video, as well as social-media engagement, such as chatting with fans in real-time. CKE spent $49 million on U.S. advertising for both chains during the first six months of 2017 and $100 million during 2016, according to Kantar Media.

On February 19, Havas and CKE introduced "Call of Carl's," the first Carl's only, multichannel campaign designed to "create a manifestation and vocalization of food craving," says an agency spokesperson.

Voiced by actor Matthew McConaughey, the 30-second TV spot supports the Western bacon cheeseburger by juxtaposing imagery of the ingredients and burger with wide-eyed Millennial-aged men and "space age-like" special effects.

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