FCB Chicago Seeks To Fight Gaming Bullies

FCB Chicago is enlisting its talent as part of a passion project to fight harassment in the video-gaming world.

FCB Chicago and its St. Louis-based sister agency, New Honor Society, are partnering with SteelSeries, an esports and professional gaming group, to launch this movement. The Bully Hunters also have the support of the National Coalition for Women and the Diverse Gaming Coalition.

Starting Thursday, April 12, the Bully Hunters movement invites harassed gamers to seek support from Bully Hunters and receive help from what the agency calls a vigilante hit squad of elite female gamers — and some men — who will eliminate offenders from the popular game "Counter Strike: Global Offense" game through their outmatched talents.

Victims can notify the Bully Hunters via the site, or they can request any Bully Hunter as a friend through Steam and send them an IM asking for assistance. The Bully Hunters are notified and will then enter the game and begin working to beat the harasser out of the game.

These gamers are doing the outreach for free and on their own time, as they strongly believe in ending sexual harassment and abuse in the popular game.

Gamers who want to sign on to help can visit BullyHunters.org to become a Bully Hunter themselves.



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