Monoprix Debuts 'The Worst Song In The World'

Monoprix and its agency Rosapark are promoting the French-based grocery chain's home delivery services by introducing "The Worst Song in the World."

The creative is based on the concept that customers with their hands full of groceries can't change an unwanted tune.

The spot presents two scenarios: a young woman listening to kitsch music on her earbuds and the band performing and asking why she isn’t changing the song.

The ad appears on TV, as well as digital channels, including YouTube, Dailymotion and throughout the brand’s social networks.

Another social media component will promote the hashtag #LaPireChansonDuMonde ("The Worst Song in the World"), where Twitter users can have their messages retranscribed with the song’s instrumentals by submitting them to KaraoTweet.

Several participants will be selected to have their tweets sung by the brand’s community manager.



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