Amazon Go Expanding To Chicago, San Francisco

Amazon Go, the store that lets shoppers walk the aisles, put items in their bags or pockets, and then automatically charge them when they walk out, is expanding.

Stores in Chicago and San Francisco will be opening sometime in the future, according to numerous reports.

This would be an expansion from the first store in Seattle, Amazon’s headquarters.

Job postings for store mangers in both cities were noted by ‘The Seattle Times’ after earlier reports of building permits for those cities reported in ‘The San Francisco Chronicle’ and ‘Curbed Chicago.’

Amazon told ‘GeekWire’ it would be opening stores in those cities as well, without providing a timetable.

At the stores with no cashiers, cameras track products and shoppers along with tracking sensors on the shelves so the system can tell when a product is either taken or put back on a shelf and who took it.

The first Amazon Go officially opened in January after internal testing. The online retail giant purchased Whole Foods last year.



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