Wibbitz Opens AI Video-Creation Platform To Brands And Agencies

Wibbitz, which uses artificial intelligence to create video content, is opening up its platform to brands and agencies, the company announced Wednesday.

Wibbitz has, until this point, primarily served as a tool for publishers looking to turn their text and photo content into video. The company’s publishing partners include CBS Interactive, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Now the company is leveraging its AI video platform to create advertising video content. The pitch, to both publishers and brands, is that its software allows them to create a significant amount of video content with minimal investment of time and money.

The company is launching a number of video templates, called "storyboards," for brands and agencies to build from. There's a different template, “Top Story,” for publishers' news content. 

Brands can tweak the theming of the videos, adjusting fonts, test highlights, colors and styling and on-screen alignment, even as the software itself puts the video together.



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