Media Buyers: GDPR Will Make 43% Of Consumer Targeting Data Unusable

On the eve of Friday’s deadline for the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) rules, contextual targeting platform Vibrant conducted a survey of top media buyers and planners at 32 major media agencies asking them what the likely impact would be on their businesses and their clients’ businesses.

Asked open-ended what percentage of their clients’ consumer data would become unusable because of the new regulations, the average of all responses was 43%. (The highest response was 85%.)

Given Vibrant’s offering, it’s not surprising that the survey was framed as a potential opportunity for contextual targeting -- or using the context of the content and/or media environment as a proxy for targeting consumers with their own identity and/or behavior data -- and one of the survey questions zeroes in on that: two-thirds of the respondents agreed that the effect of GDPR would be to do more contextual targeting, while 26% were neutral and only 8% disagreed.

Responses were decidedly more mixed on a couple of other key questions, including whether it would lead to less programmatic ad spending and/or whether it would be a “positive” for brands.

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