AMC Networks' Mobile Ad Effort Connects Commercials To Users

AMC Networks said it has partnered with a company to instantly send “customized offers” to viewers via mobile phones when they are watching TV commercials on their channels.

The mobile ad-tech company, ACTV8me, uses inaudible audio triggers on TV commercials to send offers through viewers’ apps on their smartphones.

Through the mobile app, offers could include digital currency, reward points, coupons or promotions triggered by the commercials they see on TV.

For AMC advertisers, brands using ACTV8me’s platform can obtain a variety of engagement data across media content. The companies say sponsors can identify consumers based on their age, gender and or location and quantify campaigns via ROI.

AMC also says that through its AMCN Agility unit, it is making its Aurora Video Targeting Solutions data platform available to advertisers in the upfront advertising market, offering insights for the company’s five national networks, as well as ad-supported cable and broadcast networks.

Adam Gaynor, vice president of AMCN Agility, stated that the company continues to build ways for advertisers to reach consumers, driven by data and new technologies.



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