Emma And Venga Team Up On Data-Driven Restaurant Email

Emma is working with Venga to improve restaurant retention and frequency by integrating its email automation platform with Venga Dine, a guest analytics platform tailored for the food industry.

The integration, available through Emma’s email marketing platform and to Venga Dine clients, is designed to provide personalized guest experiences and increase repeat visits and average guest spend,  Emma says.

“Restaurants today are challenged to provide premiere guest experiences,” states Winston Lord, co-founder and chief evangelist of Venga. “It’s easy to overlook key details, like authentic personalization, while also keeping guests satisfied and encouraging repeat restaurant goers.”

“In the restaurant industry, it’s challenging to find an integrated, single view of our guests and how that relates to the collective,” adds Lauren Keeton, director of digital marketing at Fox Restaurant Concepts.



Thanks to the integration, Fox has been able to “analyze feedback and insight on things that matter so dearly to our hospitality hearts, and what’s more important is that we can provide our teams on a shift-by-shift basis singular knowledge on their upcoming guests to better serve them and provide an experience that goes above and beyond,” Keeton adds.

Another client, Patina Restaurant Group, is leveraging the partnership to:

  • Create custom guest segments such as steak eaters and champagne drinkers on the Venga dashboard, while syncing the lists to Emma.
  • Personalize email content by segment
  • Measure email performance through Emma’s reporting analytics and Venga’s connection to the POS and reservation data 
  • Drive hikes in response rates.

Venga’s third-party Open Table-POS integration provides data on visits, purchases and other variables, Emma adds.  


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