Affinity Upgrades App To Help Sales Teams Manage Relationships Through Mobile

Affinity has upgraded its mobile app to allow sales teams to manage their professional relationships through their smartphone or tablet. 

Email is one of the primary inputs that Affinity’s machine learning algorithms study to find hidden relationship data. 

In addition, the Affinity App 2.0 detects emails in the inbox that require a response, along with emails the user has sent that require a response. It also sends updates to remind salespeople to not miss important emails.

The app, which Affinity says can streamline workflows, is now available in the App Store and Google Play. 

The product is designed to let sales teams “go out and foster real relationships with the power of relationship intelligence in their pockets,” sates Ray Zhou, co-founder of Affinity.

Zhou adds: "Relationships are the backbone of any successful business and successful leaders are always tethered to their phones. This is why we knew we needed to double down on mobile.” 



The affinity app relies on technology that leverages machine learning and Natural Language Processing to analyze peer-to-per communication data, the firm says.

In addition, the app captures all interactions with prospects, automatically adding it to the pipeline with no data entry required, it adds. 

Teams can also access Affinity’s relationship data on the fly., it continues.  

According to Affinity, the app facilitates:

  • Relationship intelligence
  • Historical relationship data
  • Sales team collaboration
  • Task lists
  • Pipeline automation.
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