Fosina Uses Email To Drive Replenishment Sales

Fosina Marketing Group is pursuing an email-driven strategy to sell subscription services to Millennial and Gen-Z customers for clients.  

While not using third-party lists, the firm has built several target audience segments from its prospect database, and is sending messages offering subscription services to those groups, says CEO Jim Fosina.

Email is “a primary communication platform” for both prospecting and retention, he adds.

Fosina’s email program is built on contextual email messaging.

“It's critical to watch subscriber behavior to see any lapse in interest and/or affinity for the subscription program so that we can adjust email messaging to '’reengage’ and/or win back the customer into the specific program,” Fosina says.

He continues that customer retention is “one of the significant gaps in most direct-to-consumer and subscription programs,” and says his firm helps clients “build the right contextual messaging to keep the subscriber engaged and continuing in the client program.”



Fosina also helps clients “observe the patterns on opens, clicks — overall engagement — to assure that they are not ‘batch & blast’ players,” he continues.

Fosina notes that there are over 5.7 million subscription box shoppers in the U.S. These programs are powered by the ability of consumers to change their media consumption patterns in real time, he adds. 

In an earlier interview, Fosina noted that “there is a huge demand for replenishment services, especially among millennials — point, click receive.” These are brown bag services, “the types of products you don’t necessarily want to go into a store and buy at a checkout counter — health needs, bathroom needs, feminine needs, masculine needs.”

In addition to email services,Fosina provides website development and hosting, order transaction, subscription CRM, merchant processing options, media planning and procurement, warehouse/shipping execution and consulting.

Fosina concludes that “we are living in a retail environment where all companies need to be direct marketers.”


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