FanLogic Debuts Email Domain Product For Sports Teams

FanLogic Interactive Inc. has created a branded email service designed to help sports teams, universities and clubs monetize their fan bases.

The product is being fueled by a software-licensing agreement with an unnamed firm. FanLogic says it has an exclusive license as part of a shared-revenue agreement.

Using, sports teams can offer their fans an email as their themed domain. This will help franchises identify fans and followers — offer and opt-in chances for advertising and marketing, the firm says.  

In addition, team emails can offer discounts for merchandise, in-stadium purchases and third-party sponsor products, season ticket, donor programs.

“The sports-branded email is designed as a revenue generation and promotional tool for sports teams,” says CEO Randy Brownell. “The concept is, once we attach the sports team’s desired URL to our system, they can then sell email addresses for say $19.95 a year.”



Brownell offers a hypothetical example: “If VA Tech was up and running with the email platform, they could sell email addresses to fans, use them for their largest donors, tie the email to rewards program for retail activation, etc.  Their potential email address could be Fan’” 

He adds that “if a large team could sell 100,000 emails at 19.95 a year, it is a good revenue producer.” FanLogic will manage the program. The firm is talking to teams, and hopes to sign new customers in the third quarter.

FanLogic has been running digital contests and promotions though an automated platform for over six years, according to Brownell.   


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