HQ Trivia Brings Interactive Game Show To Connected TVs

The daily interactive quiz show "HQ Trivia" is adding connected TVs to its platform.

"HQ Trivia" launched an app for the Apple TV on Tuesday, allowing users to watch the show, and choose their answer to questions using the Apple TV remote.

The company airs multiple live game shows every day, including a main show hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky, and other versions dedicated to subjects like sports and to specific markets like the U.K.

Until now, the game has exclusively been available for Apple iOS and Android devices. The expansion to the TV set marks a more direct effort by the company to take on TV game shows, with its interactive twist.

The success of "HQ Trivia" has also spawned a bevy of competitors, not only from startups backed by venture funding, but by major media companies as well. As HQ Trivia moves to the TV screen, many TV companies are turning to apps.



Just this past week, meanwhile, Fox launched a quiz app called “FN Genius,” which is being promoted on the Fox network.

Earlier this year Disney launched a game show called “Disney Quizney” that aired on Disney Channel and on its website, letting users of its app play along live.

TBS’ “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” meanwhile, is planning a live quiz show of its own called “This Is Not A Game,” tied to the midterm elections.

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