Pixability Rolls Out AI-Driven Video Creative Tool

The video advertising technology firm Pixability is releasing a new tool that automates data analysis around video creative, potentially allowing brand marketers to adapt their campaigns more quickly.

The tool, the Video Creative Decision Engine, is being baked into the company’s core video ad platform.

David George, CEO, Pixability, tells Digital News Daily the new tool is meant to automate the process so marketers can determine what video creative is working and what isn’t, based on whatever their key performance indicators (KPIs) are.

The system uses machine learning to evaluate the different versions of the uploaded ads; it measures their performance, context and audience against the client's KPIs.

“It is an expensive and cumbersome issue, to figure out which creative is actually going to resonate specifically around video,” George says. 

“Traditionally, [marketers] would put dollars against creative, and at the end of a bunch of campaigns, take a look and say ‘oh, this creative is actually the one that works, let's do that again,’” George adds. “We take that step out of it.”

Pixability’s platform is built around YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, three of the most powerful video platforms.

The targeting ability of these platforms is powerful, but as more marketers embrace video advertising, adaption is critical. Simply slapping TV advertising on YouTube may not be the most effective strategy.

“It’s about taking the guesswork out of the creative decision making that has traditionally been manual to date,” George says. “They upload the creative, and the platform takes care of it.”
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