Gillette Venus Taps Female Freelancers on Fiverr For National Campaign

Gillette Venus is bypassing the traditional agency model to work directly with women creators on the new "Her Shot" campaign.

The concept talent-sourced female freelancers are members of the Fiverr marketplace. The razor brand was interested in collaborating with a company that's "democratizing access to creatives" by matching job opportunities directly with job seekers.

Fiverr also helps ensure a swifter turnaround than traditional agency projects.

Gillette then contacted Fiverr about the campaign's overall concept and strategy. The platform, in turn, helped the company source some of its top female videographers, content creators, and editors.

Gillette brought these women together to create content based on inspiration and empowerment. Now, Venus is debuting the 10 videos as part of a new content series airing on the brand’s Instagram TV channel. The spot by Alison Grasso, for instance, explores traveling beyond one's comfort zone to realize a dream.



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This project has dual benefits for the Venus brand. In addition to seeking to empower its millennial audience, the campaign provides opportunities for women within the world of marketing.

Currently, less than 7% of directors are women. "Gillette Venus has always designed products based on listening to women and what they want. With this campaign, we’re continuing to promote female perspective and design, but through a lens,” says a brand representative.

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