Acxiom Launches Tool For Linking Martech And Ad Tech

Acxiom has introduced an open data framework for creating an omnichannel view of customers. 

The Unified Data Layer (UDL) uses cloud architecture to help firms connect their martech and ad-tech ecosystems. In addition, it allows them to ”abstract the data layer out of the chaos, and manage identity orchestration,” says Christopher Lanaux, chief technology officer for Acxiom.

Brands can use UDL to build a “conversational series of touchpoints,” Lanaux continues. “Email is one of the gateways into that conversation, but how do you integrate into the rest of the digital ecosystem?”

UDL also helps brands “cross the known to the unknown” — the offline world, Lanaux says. He adds that it facilitates:

- Transparency of measurement
- Understanding who the person is at a people-based level
- Orchestrating data and feeding it back into other systems to ensure consistency

According to Acxiom, the process begins with online and offline audience and signal data from various platforms and channels, then moves into the UDL connectors — ingestion, orchestration and activation. 

Acxiom claims this helps brand achieve:

  • An omnichannel view of the customer
  • Omnichannel analytics and measurement
  • Audience targeting and personalized experiences 
  • Collaboration and data monetization 

In addition, UDL protects firms from privacy and security risks and helps them achieve compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.

Lanaux argues that firms must be able to “future-proof what they’re trying to do with their architecture without abandoning what’s worked so well in the past.” 

He adds: "We see clients not wanting to abandon years of investment and maturity in their legacy operations."

As for email, Lanaux feels that it is "strong, and here to stay. The challenge is that consumer expectations for a personalized experience are changing and elevating."

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